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January 20th, 2017

Bastards of Fate are releasing their third album (but first on HHBTM) “Suck the Light Out” on February 24th.The deluxe pre-order for this album gets you color vinyl, plus a bonus LP “Way Else” which will only be available by pre-ordering (“Way Else” will not be available in stores, this is just through the website). I’d try to describe the band, but it’s much easier for you to just watch the video link below for their single ‘Super Collider.”



Also on February 24th Eureka California will be releasing their new 7”  “Wigwam.” The single features three tracks, “Wigwam” & “Only Birds (No Feathers)” and their cover of the Superchunk classic “Slack Motherfucker.” Recorded, mixed, and mastered in one single session at Chase Park Transductions in Athens, Ga, with Dave Barbe (Sugar / Mercyland) the band and label decided it’s time to change the current 7” pricing structure of $7 to $10 singles that is going on industry-wide which feels like it’s killing the format by making this single $3 direct and still under $5 at record stores. HHBTM has also gone back and changed all the 7” back catalog that is in print to $3 as well. Down with over-priced singles. To hear the A-side you can click the link below.


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