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March 8, 2013

Hey, we’re not dead.

The Bam!Bam! “Golden Haze 2″ 7”, Joanna Gruesome “Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still In Love With Me?” 7″, and Tunabunny “Genius Fatigue” CD & LP are all available on the site.

Sourpatch and Eureka California have some upcoming tour dates.

Sourpatch’s “Stagger & Fade” LP and “Crushin” LP have been repressed and will be available March 19th or you can get it from them on tour.

the girls are debuted the video for Tunabunny’s “Duchess for Nothing” and it’s pretty dope. “Genius Fatigue” has gotten reviewed by Drowned in Sound, Soundblab, AllMusic, Get It On Vinyl, A Fog of Ideas, and like all over the internet.

Coming up soon look for new releases from Muuy Biien, Tunabunny, and a Skinny Girl Diet / Ethical Debating Society split.

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