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Elekibass - "Welcome Wonderful World" CD

Elekibass - "Welcome Wonderful World" CD

# HHBTM067
  1. We All Live Happily Together
  2. Almanack
  3. People Pack In The Rock
  4. Joy Of A Toy And Music
  5. Baby Woo And Little Ziraf
  6. I Don't Want To Clap My Hands
  7. All The People Come, Lets Get Down
  8. It's Springtime
  9. Good Morning Blues
  10. Welcome Wonderful World
  11. David Matt
  12. Not To Be Taken Away
  13. You Share The Same Heart In Theory
  14. All The People Come, Lets Get Down
  15. I'm Leaving

500 pressed. Very limited pressing exclusively for the USA with tracks pulled from many different Elekibass releases.

Out of print.

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