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Fablefactory - "Freak Out Hard On You" CD

Fablefactory - "Freak Out Hard On You" CD

# HHBTM044
  1. Banana Pie
  2. Record Store
  3. Chopter
  4. (Don't Let Me Be) Lonely
  5. Devil's Hotrod
  6. Junkmail For Janice
  7. This Rogue's Invention
  8. Chicken Man
  9. Yayu
  10. A Poor Drunk
  11. The Chemicals Of Delaware
  12. Total Psychotic Breakdown
  13. Paleolithic Bride

1000 CDs pressed. The CD had the most extensive limited handmade sleeve to date. The first 25 people received a hardback, handbound printed book featuring orginal artwork for each song, lyrics, and credits.

Out of print.

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