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Fablefactory - "We Won't Rock You" CD

Fablefactory - "We Won't Rock You" CD

# HHBTM039
  1. Rock You Evermore
  2. The Chemicals Of Delaware (demo)
  3. Chocolate Rainbow
  4. Canned And Creamed Corn
  5. Pop Out
  6. Tobacci Heaven
  7. They Come From Planet Goo
  8. Low Down No Good Do Right McGee
  9. Broken Arms
  10. Overture Of The Ornithologist
  11. The Ugly Duckling
  12. Woody Woody Pecker Pecker
  13. Scavenger Noir
  14. The Fly
  15. Land Ho! Sirens
  16. Gimmie The Window To Yer Soul
  17. Sinister Sybil
  18. Where The Sunset Rises (A Chivalrous Requiem)
  19. Common Fiction

1000 pressed. This is a compilation of singles, outtakes, demos, and compilation tracks. This CD is in a card sleeve with a handstamped sleeve.

Out of print.

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