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Loch Ness Mouse - "Flair For Darjeeling" CD

Loch Ness Mouse - "Flair For Darjeeling" CD

# HHBTM035
  1. Judy
  2. Edgerton Underwater Strobe Camera
  3. The Breve
  4. 15th Floor
  5. Diary
  6. Faces Around Me
  7. Double Whammy
  8. A Picture In My Grandmother's Book
  9. The Joy's Must Never End
  10. I Was A Fan From The Start
  11. Vespa 50
  12. Hayland

200 pressed. This CD was made possible thanks to the nice folks at Perfect Pop. They allowed me to buy into their second pressing, so that's how come the pressing was only 200 copies.

Out of print.

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