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HHBTM Singles Club Bonus Bag + cassette

HHBTM Singles Club Bonus Bag + cassette

# HHBTM024
  1. Red Pony Clock - Feed The Birds (Mary Poppins)
  2. Vince Mole & His Calcium Orchestra - Death Of A Clown (Kinks)
  3. Kingsauce - Oh Yoko (John Lennon)
  4. Gwens - Did You See His Name (Kinks)
  5. Pixiecake - Metalman (Breeders)
  6. Birddog - CA, Cottonfields (Dallas Frazier)
  7. Calvin Don't Jump - Summertime Rolls (Jane's Addiction)
  8. Flink - It's Not Easy Being Green (Muppets)
  9. Glenn Toots - Damned Ladies (Rufus Wainwright)

100 made. This was a special deal for the first 100 people to subscribe to the HHBTM Singles Club. Each handmade bag contained the following:
a. Fabric Bag
b. numbered insert with list of singles in the club
c. hhbtm button
d. 5 x 7 matted piece of original artwork by one of the following people - David Barnes, Paul Vittum, Leslie Dallion, or Will Cullen Hart
e. a cassette tape featuring HHBTM bands doing covers.

Out of print.

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