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Fishboy - "Classic Creeps" LP

Fishboy - "Classic Creeps" LP

# HHBTM137
  1. Aaron the After Thought Astronaut
  2. Adrian Simmons
  3. Alberto Simmons
  4. Allen Moss, Victor
  5. Alyson Revere
  6. Andre Revere
  7. Archibald Aspen
  8. Aspen 2K
  9. Autumn the Owl (Mistakes the Feelings of Being in Love with the Feelings of Being an Owl)
  10. Ava Aviara

500 copies pressed. There were two pre-order options: one that comes with a button & poster, and a second option that comes with button, poster, and a portrait embroidered sleeve. Both options limited to 20 and 30 only.

Price: $13.00

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