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Cars Can Be Blue - "All The Stuff We Do" LP

Cars Can Be Blue - "All The Stuff We Do" LP

# HHBTM069lp
  1. I Like
  2. Used To Think
  3. Perm Guy
  4. Dating Batman
  5. Cat Is Out
  6. Motorboat
  7. Hey Hippie
  8. TMNT
  9. She Needs It
  10. Do You Remember?
  11. Abortion
  12. Retarded Retard
  13. Dirty Song
  14. (You're A) Bitch
  15. Bike Shop
  16. You're So Cute
  17. The Pincher
  18. D In The P
  19. Do You Want It? (The SEX I Mean)
  20. Theme

100 copies pressed. Same track listing as the CD, pre-order folks were sent a press photo, CD-R of the album, insert, button set, patch, and Olan Mills photo print of the picture from inside the original CD. Sleeve was silkscreened and spray painted.

Out of print.

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