How did HHBTM start?

Happy Happy Birthday to Me records started out as a one-off compilation CD to be given away with the 4th anniversary issue of the Bee’s Knees zine in July of 1999. I asked lots of bands that I had interviewed in past issues, and that I knew to contribute songs, and almost all of them did. I then shopped the CD/Zine to some distributors, and it presold more copies than I had planned on pressing. So I upped the amount pressed, and had so much fun doing the CD, I then decided to jump right in to doing a 7″ singles club. While working on the club, I released a few CDs, and the rest is history… it was never really meant to be a label, it just sorta happened. The name for the label comes from the first compilation title Happy Happy Birthday to Me. The first CD was a celebration I threw for the zine for making it to the 4 year mark. So the name just stuck.

Where should I send stuff, or who do I contact?

Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records
P.O. Box 742
Athens, GA 30603 USA

How do I get copies of HHBTM titles for my radio show, magazine, zine, or blog?

email Mike @ mike@crashingthroughpublicity.com

Who do I contact to book a HHBTM band for a house show, club show, or festival?

If you’d like to book any of the HHBTM bands, please email your info to: mike@hhbtm.com

Who distributes HHBTM, and how can I get added to the list?

Currently HHBTM is distributed by MVD and Revolver in the United States and Cargo in the UK. You can also get HHBTM titles from Jigsaw Records mail-order and Get It On Vinyl.  If you are a record store, mailorder, or distributor that would like to carry hhbtm titles, please drop me an email at mike@hhbtm.com.

I would like to send my demo in for consideration, what should I do?

Send a nice email and links to your soundcloud or band camp to mike@hhbtm.com. I try to reply, but it might take a few weeks.

Can I feature music from HHBTM releases in my podcast?

Please do! Consider this a blanket license for podcasts. And thanks for wanting to shine some light in our direction. Some rules of thumb: Don’t use more than two songs from the same album on any one podcast. Never use more than half of the tracks from one release in any number of podcasts. Please mention that your listeners can buy the album at www.hhbtm.com and see performances by the artist you feature.

I have an mp3 blog. Can I post a song file?

Yes. Same rules as above apply. Always give your readers a highlighted link back to us. At the end of the day we can’t do what we do without selling some records. Blogs, in our view, help us do this, just like radio play would. If you would like to be included on our special mailing list of bloggers who receive links to electronic demos, please send us an email with a link to your blog and any traffic stats you might have.

Are you looking for interns?

Right now the label is still pretty small, but if you want to help stuff envelopes, and are in the Athens, GA area, then get in touch, and you will be paid in HHBTM products.

What is Athens POPFEST?

Athens PopFest was a music festival that took place in Athens, Georgia for a few days each year from 2004 through 2011. …. and It’s back. The Athens Popfest returned in 2016 and is currently set to take place August 9th – 12th, 2017.