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His Name Is Alive

HIS NAME IS ALIVE has been described at various phases of their career as beautiful, mystifying, and "the band that gave Tom Cruise a nervous breakdown!!!" What began as experimental basement folk (acoustic guitar + loops + girl) eventually went on to sell 100,000 records with famed British label 4AD. Collaborations with legendary filmmakers THE BROTHERS QUAY resulted in two truly amazing and dark installments in the STILLE NACHT series. HNIA's appearance in Cameron Crowe's JERRY MAGUIRE film brought the band some mainstream recognition and helped boost sales of the soundtrack album way past platinum!!! This latest album was recorded in Detroit by longtime member WARN DEFEVER, who has spent the last couple years recording and remixing other like-minded artists such as BLANCHE, TAMION12INCH, SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME, NOMO, LOW, THE VONBONDIES, IDA, ELIZABETH MITCHELL, YOKO ONO and demos for IGGY AND THE STOOGES!!! 


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