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The Los Angeles band, Abe Vigoda, coined the term “Tropical Punk with their 2008 album, Skeleton. As soon as the term was recognized, the band immediately shifted gears from their reggae-tone brand of punk and went towards an electro goth sound; ditching the conga moving drumming and bright sounding guitars for a sterile electronic beat and cold synths which unfortunately, brought them to their demise. And ever since then, there hasn’t been much of a talk of Tropical Punk, until now.

From the much gloomier Pacific Northwest, comes Week of Wonders. A vibrant glowing lantern compared to all that is dark and dreary in Seattle. No doubt there is some comparison between the two bands, but where Abe Vigoda has more dissonant No-Wave leanings, Week of Wonders has more melody and pop sensibilities. Not to say the Week of Wonders doesn’t have teeth but for the sake of discussion, let’s say that Week of Wonders is influenced more by Cocteau Twins than DNA.

Week of Wonders is about looking a little closer. Upon a first glance, this group doesn’t seem to add up completely; a musical project this fresh (birthing in January 2013) and compiled from such bands as ORCA TEAM, The Torn ACLs, The Intelligence and Health Problems, doesn’t seem like it would equal this blend of crisp dreamy punk. But after sifting through the outer layer, one can see how Leif Anders makes some sense of this.

With a first pass, the songs of Week of Wonders could seem peppery and make you smile but with a closer examination one can find how emotionally shattering each one can be. The band’s constant dedication to wearing white clothing, the tributes to zodiac sign of Cancer in the lyrics, and the strong song writing that stripped of any aesthetic would still pass for heartbreaking, Week of Wonders is presenting Tropical Punk in it’s newest and most vulnerable form.

Never mind how they made the guitars sound like steel drums, never mind that the drums and bass lock into one another like an aged pair of weathered musicians, never mind that they completely stand alone in their sound and genre. It’s a continuation of punk for a new era. Tropical Punk is smart, it’s sexy,it’s thoughtful. And it’s Week of Wonders who provide a deeper meaning to music as you sweat to the grove of their shade ridden pop songs.

website: weekofwondersmusic.com
facebook: facebook.com/weekofwondersmusic

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