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Joe Jack Talcum

Joseph Genaro (Joe Jack Talcum) founded The Dead Milkmen in 1983, initially establishing the group as a bedroom-based home-recording project with a mythological back-story prior to their evolution into a traditional four-piece band shortly thereafter. The members of the group regularly employed pseudonyms, and Genaro most frequently called himself "Joe Jack Talcum" (stemming from the character of Jack Talcum that Genaro had imagined as the leader of the band in their mythology) in the context of the group, although he also used the pseudonyms "Butterfly Fairweather" and "Jasper Thread" on certain records. Joe Jack Talcum has consistently recorded solo material since the early 1980s. Between 19841999, he self-released eight cassette tapes composed of home recorded songs. A four-piece group calling itself Butterfly Joe (after one of Genaro's pseudonyms, and featuring Dead Milkmen drummer Dean Sabatino) assembled to perform Joe Jack's solo material and released a self-titled, full-length album in 1999. The group went on indefinite hiatus in the immediate years following.

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