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Sourpatch is a four piece 90's pop-worship ensemble from San Jose, Ca---whose songs talk of (but aren't limited to) crushes painfully hopeless, awkwardly awesome and feelings of the like. They are newcomers to the HHBTM roster but have been playing fun, sloppy, catchy, and lovely noises for over a year and a half now--in which time, they've managed two small coastal tours (east and west), self-released a seven song demo, and a single on WIAIWYA.

The parties responsible for this mess are Nicole Munoz (guitar/vocals), Christine Tupou (guitar/vocals/sometimes bass), Mandi Farrell (bass/sometimes drums), and Rich Gutierrez (drums/sometimes guitar/ sometimes vocals). Formed from a mutual love of songs about unbearably impossible romances, Sourpatch plays in the vein of influences such as Tiger Trap, Rocketship, Velocity Girl, Cub, Heavenly, Go Sailor, Black Tambourine, and so many 90's west coast babes!

myspace: myspace.com/sourpatchpop
facebook: facebook.com/sourpatchpop

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