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Red Pony Clock

From the sun-kissed shores of San Diego, CA comes Red Pony Clock, an ever-shifting musical collective with a penchant for jubilant horn arrangements, effervescent vocal harmonies, and confessional song-writing. Primarily a recording project based on the songs of Gabe Saucedo & Tony Prudhome; the live Red Pony Clock lineup can oftentimes swell into the the double digits, with members switching back and forth between a wide variety of non-traditional instruments, such as trombone, banjo, accordion, & vibraphone. RPC will pretty much try to work with whatever they can get their hands on. The same goes for their song-writing, which has been known to take from such diverse influences as mariachi, disco, country, jazz, & R&B.

At first listen, the density of Red Pony Clock's music can be overwhelming, even confounding. But take heart!! While most twelve-headed monsters are intent on luring you under your bed only to inflict unspeakable acts of torture, Red Pony Clock would rather help you build a pillow fort in which to chill out and have a sing-along. Or better yet, a jamboree!!!

Over the course of 6 years, Red Pony Clock has gone from being a one-man lo-fi recording project to the incalculable, cult-like assemblage of today, sporadically releasing their music on 7" records, cassettes, and hand-decorated CDRs. Their latest release, God Made Dirt (HHBTM records), marks RPC's first foray into professional studio recording. With the help of their old friend, Roy Silverstein at Habitat Studios, Red Pony Clock has finally made the record they've been trying to make since they started. It's a boundlessly sprawling work, made to be absorbed as a whole, and brimming with the spirit of a band who makes music only because they love it more than anything else in the world.

website: redponyclock.com
myspace: myspace.com/redponyclock
facebook: facebook.com/pages/Red-Pony-Clock
mp3: My New Best Friends

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