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Bursting into existence during the brief-lived Great Indie Pop Scare of the mid- 1990's, Bunnygrunt garnered an unlikely amount of success for a band that never managed to plan any further ahead than their next tour. Over their initial five year run, the St Louis band toured the entire USA a half-dozen times, released two great albums, a million singles & compilation tracks, and then blew out in a blaze of glory with a whirlwind tour of Japan. After pursuing other interests for a few years, main Grunt-ers Karen Ried & Matt Harnish decided to dust off the Bunnygrunt brand name for another go around. An appearance at the Athens Popfest cemented their return to activity, but also marked a broad- ening in their sound. While the jangling guitars and harmony-filled choruses of 90's indie pop remain, Bunnygrunt's solid Midwestern Classic Rock upbringing is equally represented, as is their love of 70's Power Pop & 60's Nuggets fuzz. This isn't music for blogs, this is shout along live, loud, in the joyful moment Rock-n-Roll.

myspace: myspace.com/therealbunnygrunt
mp3: The Limits Of Southern Hospitality
mp3: Hometown Rockstar

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