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Cars Can Be Blue

Hi, we're CARS CAN BE BLUE, and we hope that people will like what we like; simple, fun, catchy songs that combine bubblegum pop with a satirical, sometimes even NAUGHTY sense of humor. Think Dressy Bessy with Sarah Silverman singing, Tullycraft meets Adam Sandler, Beat Happening meets Tenacious D. Now you're getting the idea. How do we do it? It all comes from the unique chemistry of Nate Mitchell and Becky Brooks.

BECKY - Hi, I'm Becky and I mostly play the guitar. I'm short and I wear glasses. I'm a girl. I have my driver's license. I write most of the songs.

NATE - Hi, I'm Nate and I mostly play the drums. I help Becky write the songs. I'm tall and skinny and I also wear glasses. I have psoriasis on my left leg.

We both sing, often at the same time.

CARS CAN BE BLUE started during the summer of 2002 after the dissolution of Nate's cover band and Becky's improv comedy group. Left with enough free time to enter themselves into a local music festival, Nate and Becky used this impromptu performance as the catalyst for their first attempts at songwriting and were surprised by how well they ended up working together.

CARS CAN BE BLUE have shared stages with bands like Mates of State, The Lucksmiths, Jason Anderson/Wolf Colonel and xBxRx, stand-up comedians Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale and even warmed crowds up for the hilarious Found Footage Film Festival.

We will be touring all over the USA in Summer 2006.

We like to make music, and we like to have fun. We're CARS CAN BE BLUE.

website: therealccbb.com
myspace: myspace.com/carscanbeblue
facebook: facebook.com/pages/Cars-Can-Be-Blue
mp3: Hope You're Hurting
mp3: Do You Remember?

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