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It’s been forever since the last news post, but life gets crazy and sometimes you forget to update the website. First up and most important the ORCA TEAM “Restraint” LP & CD pre-order is now live. I’m only making 50 of this pre-order this time around so snap them up quick. The bonus item version is a good one this go round with a button, a live cassette with silkscreen artwork, a totebag, and color vinyl. (only direct mail-order with the label and few shops that have supported the label for years now and a handful of copies that the band will take on the road will be color vinyl, so don’t look to find the color vinyl in the shops for this one.) Pre-orders will ship out 2nd or 3rd week of June. Be sure to check the HHBTM show calendar as ORCA TEAM is gonna be on tour from June up to August. Speaking of pre-orders the Sweater Girls pre-order is up next and will launch in a few weeks. And speaking of touring be sure to check the Sourpatch dates as they will be hitting the entire USA next week up through the start of July. Loads and loads of releases in the works, so keep checking back as I promise I’ll start posting more. Oh yeah check out the HHBTM Soundcloud page where you can stream new and upcoming tracks. Also be on the lookout for the HHBTM bandcamp page where I’ll be adding lots of out of print releases.

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