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Hey Folks,

It’s been ages since the last update and there has been a lot that has happened and so much stuff coming up in 2012 so let’s get started and maybe everyone can help me clear out some stuff before I have to turn my inventory numbers in. Up first is gonna be the sales and promotions….

  • All distributed non-hhbtm/twbos product is going to be 50% off until January 1st.
  • Buy any Tunabunny full length LP and get a free 7″ of “(song for my) solar sister” until January 1st.
  • Buy the Oh Ok LP and get a free Flash to Bang Time 7″ until January 1st.
  • Buy any two HHBTM CDs and get a third CD free until January 1st (lowest price CD is the free one & only select the ones you want to pay for in the shopping cart and put a message in the order for which CD or CDs depending on how many you buy that will be the free one or ones, please also give one substitute title as some releases are getting really low in number.)
  • Also the first 50 orders will get a HHBTM catalog with artwork by Andy Hart that has a digital download of the label roster 2011.

Lots of catalog will be deleted in 2012 so some titles might not be available at the end of January 2012. (a few titles the license will be running out). There are also a few titles that are just not going to be repressed or it might be sometime before they are repressed….. anyway here are a few things I wouldn’t hold off picking up much longer.

Birddog – A Sweet & Bitter Fancy CD
Birddog – Songs from Willipa Bay CD
Ashley Park – Secretariat Motor Hotel CD
Men in Fur – S/T CD
Bugs Eat Books – Ghosts of Leaves CD
Elekibass – California CD
Elekibass / Quinka with a Yawn – split CD (1 copy left)
Forever – S/T CD EP (so good, not sure why i still have 5 copies)
Eux Autres – Cold City CD
Sarandon – Completists Library CD
Velcro Stars – Hiroshima’s Revenge CD
Love Letter Band – Fear Not My Brothers CD
Casper & the Cookies – Oh! CD (1 copy left)
Visitations – S/T CD (1 copy left)
Smittens – Coolest Thing About Love CD (1 copy left)
Fablefactory – We Won’t Rock You CD (1 copy left)
Cars Can Be Blue – All the Stuff We Do CD (2 copies left)
Superions featuring Fred Schneider of the B-52’s – S/T 12″ (only 5 copies left)
Sourpatch – Crushin’ LP (only 3 copies left)
Afternoon Naps – Parade LP (only 1 copy left)
Sweater Girls – Pretty When You Smile 7″ (only 10 copies left)
only Sourpatch LP and Afternoon Naps LP will be repressed out of all those…….

The Oh OK “The Complete Reissue” LP is now available for just $12.00 This reissue gathers both the 7″ & 12″ , a live show, and two newly recorded tracks. For those not in the know Oh OK were / are Linda Hopper (Magnapop), Lynda Stipe (Hetch Hetchy / Flash to Bang Time), and for a short while Matthew Sweet. The band did all their writing and recording during the early 80’s and played just a handful of shows between Athens, GA and New York. Their sound has that bomp and stomp drive that made early 80’s Athens an actual scene, but their music was more on the minimal side ala Marine Girls, Young Marble Giants, or Beat Happening but dancey.

Tunabunny pretty much blew up over the fall opening for Throwing Muses, playing the Athens PopFest and CMJ, getting featured as band to watch at CMJ by Village Voice, NPR, New York Mag, altmusic, and Brooklyn Vegan. They landed tons of glowing reviews from Big Takeover, San Francisco Weekly, Everett True, and the list goes on. They are now gearing up to go over to the UK for a 10 date tour with Shrag and to play the London PopFest in February. Looks like they will have a split single with Shrag coming up as well. To celebrate this i’m doing the 7″ giveaway above and I have taken 3 of the test pressings of the Tunabunny / Hulaboy split 12″ which has been long out of print and am having the band hand decorate the sleeves. This is gonna be a first come first served kinda deal. These will be shipping end of this week for whoever snaps them up and what a deal at $15 a pop.

Sourpatch have a new album “Stagger & Fade” currently at the plant with a late February release date. Eleven new songs and a huge tour is being lined up for March as I type this. The pre-order this time is a bit crazy. This time around we are doing vinyl only, sorry no CDs for this one, but it’s not like anyone is buying CDs anymore. The pre-order will consist of the LP w/ digital download, a sourpatch coffee cup, a button, and a silkscreen sourpatch patch for you messenger bag or old school denim jacket. The coffee cup will be mailed in a separate box so the shipping on this one can get a little crazy for you overseas folks. Only 38 of these pre-orders are even available, so act fast on this one. The coffee cup button and patch will mail the first week of 2012 while the album will ship in mid February.

In other Sourpatch news, the band is raising money for a new tour van – check out http://igg.me/p/52916?a=326497 for information on how to donate to their cause and get some fun stuff in the process!

Loads of new videos have been added as well. Tunabunny made three new videos, Sourpatch has a new one for the lead single off the record “Cynthia Ann”, and Fishboy have yet another video from Classic Creeps, this time it’s “Aspen2K”. All videos can be found in the media section of the site.

Look for new records in 2012 by Bunnygrunt, Afternoon Naps, the Smittens, and Tunabunny debut LPs by Sweater Girls and Eureka California, and Orca Team, and reissues by Joe Jack Talcum along with countless singles. Also some big big news both for HHBTM and sister label This Will Be Our Summer.

until next time, and I’m gonna get better with doing these updates in 2012. Mike Turner HHBTM CMFIC.

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