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Fishboy “Classic Creeps” UPDATE: The sleeves and inserts are in, the silkscreen posters are done, and the button sets are all finished. We just got the test pressing in this week, so if all goes well it looks like we’ll have the vinyl in and ready to ship in 2 – 3 weeks. Eric is still putting together the embroidered portrait sleeves. (if you have pre-ordered the deluxe version of the album and not gotten an email from Eric, please email me at the hhbtm website)
The Mid-Level pre-orders are complete. We have about 20 of the middle pre-orders left $20.00 each which includes the Album, the Button Set, and the 3 Color Silkscreen Poster. We have just 4 of the deluxe pre-orders left which are $50.00 and includes the Album, Button Set, Silkscreen Poster, and a Embroidered Sleeve with a Portrait of you as a Classic Creep.
NOTE: the image is not to size, the poster is 12.5 x 25, the buttons are one inch buttons, and the album is 12 inches.

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