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Sweater Girls are from sunny Los Angeles, but they are dreaming of England and praying for rain. These sweet shoulder-shrug songs may tread a well-worn path of jangle guitars and wistful vocals, but there’s a unique sadness in their 60’s-sounding pop. This is the sound of growing up surrounded by beaches and eating disorders, surounded by hollow people who aspire to a particularly hollow kind of celebrity. Sweater Girls are the kids who rebelled by wearing cardigans in 85-degree heat, who drank hot cappucinos in the desert and refused to wear a bikini for anyone. Theirs is a beauty that is carefully guarded and belongs only to themselves. Shipping on Monday is the new single “Pretty When You Smile” backed with “Return Address” and “Summer Girls”….. this 7” for those who get in early and do a pre-order will get a scented silkscreened sachet as well for just a few dollars more. Only 30 of the sachets are being made, so don’t dilly dally when it comes to ordering.

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