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The Superions (Fred Schneider of the B-52’s new project) will have their debut EP out on CD and in stores Tuesday February 23rd. The 12″ version will be delayed by a week, but should be available at your local mom and pop record shop by March 2nd. The EP features 3 originals and 4 remixes (Casper & the Cookies, the Lolligags, Marshmallow Coast, and Ursula 1000). There is still a little time to get one of the PREMIUM Pre-Order versions that comes with the CD / 12″ / button / keychain / autographed LP sleeve / and answering machine message. Only available till next Monday at midnight. Fred is being a real good sport and helping us out by doing loads of press. He’ll be on the Howard Stern show next week, he’s guest editing Magnet this week, doing CMJ‘s tv program, doing a radio show with the legendary Tothar in Cleveland on Luxuriamusic.com on Sunday night 10 PM eastern on February 21st, has interviews coming up in the New Gay, the Onion, and loads more. Oh yeah he’s also Dj’ing and hosting the “Spring Thang Bingo Dance Party” on March 5th at the Gold Room in Atlanta, GA to raise money for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame & Pets are Loving Support . We’ll also be uploading the music video for ‘Who Threw That Ham at Me” shortly. (12″ ARTWORK PICTURED BELOW)

superionslpfront 03-02-48

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